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News and journalism are in the midst of upheaval. How does news publishing change when a newspaper sells as little as 300000 copies but its website attracts 31 million visitors? These shifts are forcing assumptions and practices to be rethought from first principles. The internet is not simply allowing faster wider distribution of material: digital technology is demanding transformative change. Journalism needs to be rethought on a global scale and remade to meet the demands of new conditions. Out of Print examines the past present and future for a fragile industry battling a 'perfect storm' of falling circulations reduced advertising revenue rising print costs and the impact of 'citizen journalists' and free news aggregators. Author George Brock argues that journalism can flourish in a new communications age and explains how current theory and practice have to change to fully exploit developing opportunities. Providing a unique examination of every key issue from the phone-hacking scandal and Leveson Inquiry to the impact of social media on news and expectations Out of Print presents an incisive authoritative analysis of the role and influence of journalism in the digital age.