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Product Description:

This is a fabulous collection of eight wildlife books with fascinating facts and over 1600 amazing photographs. Find out fantastic facts about your favourite animals in this collection of eight books. It helps you learn all about bears and pandas big cats elephants monkeys sharks snakes whales and dolphins and wolves. It offers a fascinating exploration of the incredible wildlife of land and sea: habitats hunting communication reproduction and survival. It helps you investigate how animals work and compare how they have uniquely adapted to their environments. It provides over 1600 fabulous colour photographs illustrations and inside-view artworks of nature in the wild Children love animals and love to learn about them. This set of eight books lets children find all their animal favourites in an enjoyable easy and captivating way by laying out the information in the form of fun facts focus features folklore and myth boxes 'Did You Know?' highlights and bite-sized lessons of all kinds. It enables you to discover amazing facts about animal bodies and behaviour. For example did you know that a lion will cleverly flip a porcupine on its back to avoid the sharp spines that the blue whale's tongue weighs as much as an African elephant or that rock pythons can kill and eat crocodiles? Every volume in this collection examines each animal in turn and takes a detailed look at how they function from their physical make-up such as bones teeth skin scales or fur to how they use their brain and senses to find food communicate and survive. Thousands of fascinating animal facts are accessible in one place with this exciting and colourful set of books. It is an invaluable read for all young natural history enthusiasts supporting school studies on animal biology and behaviour. Ideal for home study or school use these are stimulating and accessible reference books for all 8- to 12-year-olds.