Ophørs udsalg Falling Detective by Carlsson Christoffer Tfi9bzz9

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The second instalment in the internationally bestselling Leo Junker series. Leo Junker is back in the snake pit - aka the homicide unit - after a murder case where he was the intended victim. Still abusing prescription drugs and battling his inner demons he's doing his best to appear fit for duty. Then a sociologist named Thomas Heber is found murdered. The only clues the police have to work with are Heber's cryptic research notes which indicate that someone else's life is also under threat. But who? Leo is put on the Heber case with his former nemesis Gabriel Birck but when the case is abruptly reassigned to the Swedish Security Service he realises this is no ordinary street mugging. Soon he finds himself entangled in a clash between a racist gang and their rivals and enters a war that's being waged on the streets in the public eye and in the shadows.