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Product Description:

Providing lessons for prosody intervention in high-functioning adolescents and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) this book helps to develop verbal and nonverbal skills to aid their transition into adulthood through a program of evidence-based lessons and resources. The authors offer a complete curriculum of lessons taking student from self-calming to fluency and conversational skills and thereby enhancing their communication skills and conversational competence skills that are essential for the ability to get on in adult life for example in the context of looking for a job. The curriculum includes lesson plans handouts and homework and builds on some of the characteristic traits of high-functioning autism for example by setting up sets of rules for clarity. The program has been successfully used by the authors in their work with people on the autism spectrum and will be a life-changing resource for professionals as well as for parents and people on the autism spectrum wanting to improve their ability to communicate well.