Meget brugbar Beyond News: The Future of Journalism (Columbia Journalism Review Books) (Hardcover) by Stephens Mitchell (New York University) vSukhD65

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For a century and a half journalists made a good business out of selling the latest news or selling ads next to that news. Now that news pours out of the Internet and our mobile devices--fast abundant and mostly free--that era is ending. Our best journalists Mitchell Stephens argues instead must offer original challenging perspectives--not just slightly more thorough accounts of widely reported events. His book proposes a new standard: 'wisdom journalism' an amalgam of the more rarified forms of reporting--exclusive enterprising investigative--and informed insightful interpretive explanatory even opinionated takes on current events. This book features an original sometimes critical examination of contemporary journalism both on- and offline and it finds inspiration for a more ambitious and effective understanding of journalism in examples from twenty-first-century articles and blogs as well as in a selection of outstanding twentieth-century journalism and Benjamin Franklin's eighteenth-century writings. Most attempts to deal with journalism's current crisis emphasize technology. Stephens emphasizes mindsets and the need to rethink what journalism has been and might become.