Kvalitet råvarer Less Incomplete: A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition Beyond the Physical Body (Paperback) by Gustus Sandie Ieqoraet

  • Model: Ieqoraet
  • 1908 Antal på lager


Product Description:

Based on an advanced new scientific approach to studying the consciousness soul and spirit as proposed by renowned Brazilian consciousness researcher Dr. Waldo Vieira this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the reality of the human condition beyond the physical body offering readers a profound opportunity to increase their self-awareness self-confidence balance and maturity and to take control of their experience of life. In this book conscientiology and projectiology the two new sciences proposed by Vieira are explained in layman's terms. Conscientiology is the science that studies the consciousness investigating all of its attributes properties characteristics bodies lives and phenomena. The book examines three attributes of the consciousness; that it is multidimensional multiexistential i.e. it reincarnates and that it evolves. Projectiology is the study of the projection of the consciousness or out-of-body experience commonly known as OBE which is an effective tool for personally verifying what lies beyond our material world. The final part of the book instructs the readers on how to use the OBE a natural human capacity to confirm the information provided in the book for themselves.