Komfortabel Man's Relentless Search (Classic Lectures Series) (Audio CD) by Hubbard L. Ron VFZaj1wH

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An extraordinary drama played out across thousands of years Man's long search to penetrate the mystery of 'the other fellow'-andthereby to know himself—found its expression not only in philosophy and religion but even in war and conquest. Yet in spite of or perhaps because of the crucial intensity of this quest itscontinuing failure down the centuries accumulated ever‑deepening problems forMan. Hence in desperation he eventually abandoned the search entirely—in 1879to be precise. And into the vacuum of its failure there stepped a new and deadly theory. Specifically that “the other fellow” is no more than an aggregate of brain blood and sinew a stimulus‑response mechanism that reacts to but is incapable of mastering its environment. As this concept gained strength so declined the respect shown each individual and with it the sense of honor and purpose of Man as a whole. In interpreting this remarkable story L. Ron Hubbard not only explains why Man’s epic search met with failure for so long he reveals the missing element that has finally brought success and solved the mystery of “the other fellow.” For today one can indeed know the truth about one’s fellow human beings and hence come to understand oneself. And what that knowledge foretells for both the individual and Mankind is not only the recovery of respect honor and purpose but a level of success that exceeds anything previously attainable.