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With the invasion of Russia by Germany in 1941 Britain gained a new ally and a responsibility to provide material for the new front. More than four million tonnes of supplies such as tanks fighters bombers ammunition raw materials and food were transported to Russia during a four-year period. The cost was high and by May 1945 the campaign had seen the loss of 104 merchant ships and sixteen military vessels and the thousands of seamen they carried. The Arctic route was the most arduous of all convoy routes. The ever-present threat of attack from German U-boats and Luftwaffe bombers such as the dreaded Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor were not all the Arctic convoys had to contend with. They had to deal with severe cold storms fog ice floes and waves so huge they tore at the ships' armour plating. It is to the memory of these brave men that this book is dedicated and the stories of the immeasurable contribution they made to the Allied efforts during the Second World War have been collected for this book by their veteran comrades.