Eksport The Teacher's Survival Guide: Real Classroom Dilemmas and Practical Solutions: Real Classroom Dilemmas and the Practical Solutions (Paperback) by Major Marc R. 9yoOx6EI

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Based on extensive research as well as the author's own teaching and mentoring experience this lively book covers best practices in the essentials of teaching-from organizational tips to proven pedagogic and classroom management techniques. It combines insights from some of the most respected psychologists and educational thinkers with hundreds of firsthand discussions. In style the book combines the intellectual rigor of a college textbook with the readability practical relevance and appropriate humor common to bestselling how-to manuals. While avoiding oversimplification the author has distilled this vast reservoir of expert wisdom into an easily-digestible guidebook packed with diagrams interviews anecdotes and case studies. The result is both enlightening and enjoyable to read.