Billig tilbud Aristotle's Metaphysics Alpha: Symposium Aristotelicum (Oxford Symposium Aristotelicum) (Symposia Aristotelia) (Paperback) by Steel Carlos 7QV5xA3G

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The volumes of the 'Symposium Aristotelicum' have become the obligatory reference works for all studies on Aristotle. In this eighteenth volume a distinguished group of scholars offers a chapter-by-chapter study of the first book of Aristotle's Metaphysics. Aristotle presents here his philosophical project as a search for wisdom which is found in the knowledge of the first principles allowing us to explain whatever exists. As he shows the earlier philosophers had been seeking such a wisdom though they had divergent views on what these first principles were. Before Aristotle sets out his own views he offers a critical examination of his predecessors' views ending up with a lengthy discussion of Plato's doctrine of the Forms. Book Alpha is not just a fundamental text for reconstructing the early history of Greek philosophy; it sets the agenda for Aristotle's own project of wisdom after what he had learned from his predecessors.