Ædle og smukke Vanishing Games (Paperback) by Hobbs Roger XAdbrTn3

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'If you enjoyed I am Pilgrim you'll love this.' (Guardian). The perfect blend of a Lee Child novel and a Quentin Tarantino film this is the latest from the bestselling author of Ghostman. I work alone. I may be the best thief in the world but no one will ever know a single thing about me. Well almost no one. A lifetime ago I had a mentor Angela. She taught me how to be a criminal how to run a heist. And now six years after she vanished and left me high and dry on a job in Kuala Lumpur she's sent me an SOS. Or at least I think it's her. If it is then I've got to go. I owe her that much. So soon I'll be on a plane to Macau either to see a friend or walk into a trap. Or both. But that's the way I like it. Sometimes the only thing that makes me happy is risking my life. Time to go.